Psychic Temple IV / by Jeremy Trezona

Full disclosure - I should have posted this 4 months ago - sorry for the lack of updates..!

The critically acclaimed album Psychic Temple IV by the incredible Long Beach based composer / producer is out now! You can hear me on Spanish Beach, Nazarene Dream, S.O.S., The Art of Giving Up and Isabella Ocean Blue (which I also wrote the horn arrangement on). 

UNCUT magazine wrote: "What would an LA band sound like whose ranks have included Terry Reid, Mike Watt, Muscle Shoals legends Spooner Oldham and David Hood, a clutch of minor indie-rock luminaries led by Avi Buffalo, a drummer who’s figured in Pharaoh Sanders’ band, a member of Philip Glass’ ensemble, and a bassist, Max Bennett, whose discography includes Joni Mitchell’s stellar run of mid-‘70s albums?" The answer of course is Psychic Temple IV! Click the image below to go straight to Bandcamp.