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Completed projects (As Performer):

Dropsy - Critically acclaimed point & click "hugventure" game by developer Jay Tholen and publisher Devolver. 9.5/10 by Destructoid: "The musical styles change from area to area and range from smooth jazz to a sort-of prog rock. Regardless of genre, it's always brimming with the earnestness you feel when you're about to tell someone you love them for the first time. The corners of my mouth felt like magnets of the same polarity of my chin, where no matter how bad my day was, a smile was going to happen." Official Website

Completed projects (As Composer):

Star Wars: The Young Jedi (Flat Pack FX) - This fan film created by the wonderful team at Flat Pack FX serves as a showcase for visual effects that you can create yourself with Adobe After Effects. For the soundtrack, I definitely channeled a John Williams vibe! Watch on YouTube

American Military History Podcast (Civil War Series) - After writing the original opening theme for the American Military Podcast, I also wrote a brand new theme for the recently launched Civil War Series. Go to website

SpyTeam 3030 - Set in a retro future, this mobile game follows a ragtag team of misfits as they fight a mysterious threat. Think The A-Team, Magnum P.I. and Thundercats rolled into one. Listen to the soundtrack in the SoundCloud player above!

M.O.M. - Behind the scenes of America's least favorite gameshow, a mother and daughter reconnect on the trip of a lifetime. Facebook Page

Giants of History Podcast (Opening Theme) - Fantastic figures. Incredible Events. The Greatest Stories Ever Told. All in a weekly podcast. Listen / Go to website

Phobia - An animated short exposing some of our most common phobias. Developed in partnership between the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the USC Brain and Creativity Institute. YouTube

American Military History Podcast (Opening Theme) - The American Military History Podcast is dedicated to telling the story of American history through the eyes of it’s military men and women. Go to website

Bloody Henry - An acclaimed horror short produced by Sydney company Little Screen Big Screen. Stars Tina Bursill and Kevin Healy, two stalwart actors of Australian screen and drama. IMDb

Sparks - A mockumentary style comedy series following the life and work of wedding planner Gerald Sparks. Stars a variety of popular Triple J presenters, and also aims to educate on the importance of marriage equality. Go to website