Film and Television Work / by Jeremy Trezona

Lately I've been very lucky to be involved in composing for some wonderful film and TV projects that I'd love to share with you:


Sparks - A mockumentary style comedy series following the life and work of wedding planner Gerald Sparks. Stars a variety of popular Triple J presenters, and also aims to educate on the importance of marriage equality. Go to website


Bloody Henry - A well recieved horror short produced by Sydney company Little Screen Big Screen. Stars Tina Bursill and Kevin Healy, two stalwart actors of Australian screen and drama. IMDb


There is a new Film and Television page on the site that will keep everyone up to date with my current projects and also provide a sampler of my work!


As for gigs with the Jeremy Trezona Band - stay tuned! I have been busy writing new material and am planning on some special performances in the next few months.