Homebound by Jeremy Trezona

It's official: I'm back in Australia! My website has been updated with current / recently completed projects, so feel free to browse through my current portfolio. More exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned!

What's coming up: 2016 by Jeremy Trezona

Here we are in the New Year and I'd like to give you an update on my goings on!

  • My debut album Phantoms is coming out on vinyl next week! Shipments will start happening the moment they arrive, so stay tuned pre-orderers!
  • Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple III has been announced, which means I can also announce that I played on it with legendary organist Spooner Oldham (Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Neil Young). This'll be a good one! Expect the album soon-ish..?
  • The American Military History Podcast is sporting a new opening theme, composed and edited by yours truly! Check it out on the iTunes store.
  • Saint Motel are booked for Bonnaroo 2016! Also on the lineup are Pearl Jam, Tame Impala, M83 and Kamasi Washington (and many, many more) so it sounds like a diverse and exciting lineup.

I'll leave you with this great pic from Saint Motel's New Year's performance in Downtown Long Beach. What a night!

Published in Jazz Perspectives by Jeremy Trezona

This month, I'm proud to announce a paper I co-wrote with Dr. Matthew Styles entitled "Converging Paths: Classical Articulation Study and the Jazz Saxophonist" has just been published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Jazz Perspectives. It's an honour to be in such great company. Anyone interested in saxophone articulation, or jazz instrumentalists pursuing classical study will hopefully find something interesting to take away from this paper. (Hint: check to see if your institution subscribes to this journal to access the paper for free)!